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On Wu-Wei, The Miya Effect, Boomers, Zoomers, Midwits & Indigo-Children

The Cyber Daoist art of crafting superfluous elaborate intricate online lies, this in such a way to leave a fog of war over your persona. Crafting elaborate details of one's meatspace life, with none other reason than bait on hooks. Once you bite, bam.

The @BPD_GOD effect.

  • - When someone mentions your bio, they lose.
  • - When you put truths on your bio, you lose.

Remember, remember.

How the shadowed incognito bugman will shout:

“look at their bio! they have pronouns but are spreading race hate!”
“they are a girl but preaching female subjugation!”
“no wait they're a self hating 🚂!”

Are you afraid of Miya, or Miyas ideas? Are you afraid?

Imagine such attachment to perceived meat storage identity, a projection of not just ones insecurity over it but rather a projection of just how unwired these people are, how slovenly & unable to read between the lines they are, are these NPCs? The answer will surprise you


What I mean by this is, this is the average Facebook user, the one who sets up a patreon, a gofundme, the one that tells others irl about how they are in twitter or Facebook “jail”, an out of touch grifter with no skin in the game.

There exists hierarchy in all, and online personas are no different. To say that those with skin in the game are the grifters who did not grow up online would be foolish. The upper caste the technocrats of the wired are those who were wired since their formative years.

This is precisely why these old grifters don't get it. They grew up their life, used the internet for homework, and played Xbox. Then they got Facebook, this was the first time they have ever socialised online.

These people have never lost their meat space ego, they have never even gotten close to anything close to the idea of an ego death.

Those that grow up on the internet from a young formative age, I'm speaking like 6 or 7 even earlier do not form a regular ego like that of their peers, they develop a meta-ego, they find pride in the many masks they can wear online, not just the one singular in meat space.

For these two, wired and unwired, the concept of an ego death is extremely different. For the unwired, they simply realise the limits of their own ego, they may abandon or rebuild it and go back to attaching to their new ego.

For the wired this is entirely different, usually a life of putting on different masks has lead to a complicated situation, ego death here is a killing and then merging of the online and the offline. This is true zen ego death, now easily achieved by children online.

Is this what they meant by the Indigo Children? I'm not sure but it would make sense if so.

For the Wired Children the disintegration of their meta-ego pushes them to an intrinsic almost instinctual state of Wu Wei.

This is depending on how you look at it either a state of hyper attention or hyper inattention, both at once and none at the end time.

This is how the internet is being stratified now, this is the ruminations of the next Boomer vs Zoomer divide that will be going on in 50+ years until all the Facebook denizens have died of old age.

You'll notice that the Zoomer who didn't use the internet for socialization until later in his life is a spiritual Boomer.

You'll notice the boomer who has been socialising under nicknames, personas, ids on usenet, irc, bbs, almost his entire life is a spiritual Zoomer.

I know that one day we will find that hypersocialisation under an identity or more likely identities unattached to your own meatspace avatar will be shown to drastically change the neurological make up of one's brain.

For those of you reading this who were raised online, you know this. You feel this at every interaction with these people, this isn't new to you, there have been epithets thrown at them since internet immemorial.

Those that find themselves on the outside of this meta-consciousness with only one foot in, unable to ever fully submerge are the eternal midwit, unrelated to IQ they are not intellectual midwits but midwits of the ego and of the soul.

If you are reading this and confused, you tab back to Facebook and wonder 'what if this dude talking about?' it is you my dear reader, but you will not accept that, for I am but a mad man speaking madness. It is you dear unwired that knows what the internet is all about

What can truly be trusted online lest naivete? Ideas. That is all.

If you find yourself unable to play with ideas of those with avatars or bios or typing styles you do not like, if you can hear the truth with ears wide open, but only lest it be from your clique, you are unevolved, a use not for you besides that of a boomer lolcow.

The boomer is unable to perceive of such a reality that begets;

“What if they're lying?”
“What if I'm being fooled?”

They *are* hubris. Remember that.

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