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On Neanderthal DNA or 'x% Neanderthal DNA Means Nothing'

The idea that only 1-6% of our DNA comes from Neanderthals is quite the dubious metric. What exactly does this mean, how is it correlated? Well its correlated by what % of your alleles are neanderthal alleles, but does that 'really' tell you how neanderthal you are?

It doesn't really. Let me say something factual that will make this all the more confusing. A Gorilla is 98.4% human. So is a neanderthal 97% human? How do these metrics work, they're all confusing are they not? Each one means a different thing.

For the Gorilla it looks at the lump sum of uniquely human dna vs uniquely human gorilla dna, the difference is 2.6% give or take So within this 2.6% becomes the '100%' of human. So 1-6% of 2.6%, but what does that mean? Its just allelels.

That is all that number means, how many unique neanderthal varients in the uniquely human 2.6% human DNA that we possess, but it seems we could breed both ways, so whats up with that? Why are neanderthal genetic disorders & pathologies (aspie, adhd) still SO common in whites?

The point I'm getting at here is this, pretty much every human group on earth besides Khoisanids have some sort of non-Sapien Hominid admixture. For the Australoids/Melanoids its 'Ghost DNA', for the Bantoids its a bit of Neanderthal and a lot of 'Ghost DNA' (>10%!).

Asians are Neanderthal + Denisovan + Sapien (Of which there seems to be many different kinds), and Europeans obviously of Neanderthal + Sapien But lets step back for maybe a little bit and ask ourselves, does the classification Sapien really hold up? I don't think so.

White people are not Albinised africans who bred out neanderthals, they ARE neanderthals. Same concept applies for east asians with denisovan admixture, you might right well call them Denisovans, they have more Denisovan blood than we Neanderthal.

Again though, I think these metrics are a bunch of bullshit though, they're factual but the way they're presented is a misrepresentation of whats actually going on You'll eventually likely come to find that Neanderthals and Denisovans never truly died and we are them.

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