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On Becoming Your 'Own Personal Nietzsche', or 'How I Learned To Question Man's Evolution'

Imagine thinking I or anyone for that matter is a genius! For shame!


Continue? (Y/N)

When @LandsharkRides said he wants to be the schizo under the bridge who screams wise yet unwise advice at you and you fear for your life and promptly get away: I felt that.

Oh lord, let me tell you from the realms of the Sky Father, did I feel that. Let's talk abt it:

My only goal is to make people question “established” myths and think for yourself and not allow under any circumstances others to think for you. I do not preach any truth and anyone that acts as if they do wants something from you and should be never be trusted.

Anyone with sapience is able to craft their own understanding of the world intellectually and think for themselves on everything and you will be a lot better off for it than living your entire life having others think for you.

I may say humans evolved from proto pigs fucking proto monkeys, but its not that I believe this will all my heart (anyone who claims to know anything but the single objective truth of god is a liar), it is that you should question and explore every possibility and dismiss NOTHING

When you really get down to the root of almost every single “established” truth in existence you find a cobweb of group based consensus of people saying “that sounds about right” and a whole void of questions unanswered.

If you dont think you're intelligent enough to come up with alternative theories that are just as plausible when you actually go through the effort to read how the “consensus” was reached I question both your sapience and sentience.

Think for yourself you fucking brainlets, I've never experienced more sucking the dick of dead philosophers and slurping their ideas like pious jizz than right here on

“OKAY BUT HAVE U READ FOUVOLANTEUD? He's a Parisian… so cool he smoked ciggies and was like BADASS… here's his writings I think I am him reincarnated, that's why I obsess over his work and copy of instead of building upon it and finishing it!”

The only intelligent thing ever said is to “Think for yourself ya fuckin dummy” (yes, exactly like that in ENGLISH), failing this to achieve this you lack consciousness.

If your brand of philosophy is trying to decode dead Latins who smoke cigarettes you're just fucking dumb you airhead.

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