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On The Aristocratic Femboy, The Nobility of Androgyny, and the Yin & Yang of The Castes

Its insane when females with brains more similar to that of a normal functioning female biologically and spiritually speaking look at themselves, compare themselves to the rest of the sow cattle and then deduce that it is them that are so different and thus they have a male brain

Missing the point entirely that it is them that are functioning closer to (though not entirely close still) to a perfect feminine ideal than the rest of female society that has commodizied male thought, behaviour, and creativity.

It is not female behavior to be sluts, to fuck everything that moves, but for some reason females who naturally feel chaste deduce this as being masculine or having a male brain.

I'm reminded of BAPs commentary on traps and males with hyper-masculine brains that look at the male micromasculine ideal and deduce again, they must be a female! Again, missing the point that is their dual yin and yang expression that makes them masculine. [BAP Pg 30-38]

Common masculinity of the lower castes is a commodity and seeks to conquer in the micro.

Noble masculinity of the higher castes seek to conquer in the macro.

All great men that have ever conquered and changed civilization would be called sissies if they were placed in the same lower caste environment that creates good warriors, not good generals and kings.

Not surprisingly the majority of people with the most “woke” view on traditional gender roles are the conservative lay - low type of ftms and mtfs, that seek to pass before anything else.

The cruelty of it being that they are the noble ideal of what their birth sex should be, but societies commodification of low caste gender roles has made them associate with their masculine or feminine side more.

Upper caste people are spiritually a near perfect balance of yin and yang expression.

Lower caste people are spiritually more aligned with their birth sex and associate more strongly with those energies, there is almost no room for dual masculine and feminine display.

So the femboys, tomboys, pretty boys, dykes, and all of those other groups are societies biggest victims. They cannot identify with common society because they are of Noble blood, sold a lie.

Don't believe me twitter traps and tomgirls? Look into your family history, see where your blood comes from, follow the patrilineal line 3-4 generations up. Trans-trenders need not apply. You are not commoners

These people fall victim to this when they are children, not when they are wise adults. They get targeted at every single angle growing up, most Nobles are also midwits to geniuses, so the majority of them are midwits, who fall very easily to the whims of propaganda.

Obviously a lot of these wretchen are just trenders but a lot of them, and I have met plenty are people who clearly are aristocratic of the mind body and soul, yet they still fall victim to the social programming and propaganda, this is sad.

I have however known plenty a trans-whatever that have detransitioned and become a lot better for it though, you must remember again these people get targeted when they are children, not adults who are “redpilled” The game is rigged from the start for many of them.

A good bulk of mtfs are of Noble blood midwit to high iq, and are equally masculine as feminine. They see the low iq masculine faux-dominance, reject it, and identify more with their feminine side as a survival mechanism. In a sense, many mtfs have hypermasculine brains.

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