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On the Cringe of Pick-Up Artists

LMFAO its so fucking CRINGE these fucking betas REEK you can smell the' stench from MILES AWAY it is disgusting.

Yeah u cuddle with ur gf? hahaha F@GGOT. Wait u hug ur gf ? haha yeah haha omggg ur an incel bro haha.

They've literally never had intimacy with females EVER. Imagine the larp of these fucking buffoons in their head right now PLEASE, they larp like they're veterans of ALPHANESS right?

So you expect me to believe you have a wife from being a suave dude, and u never cuddle her or do anything touch feely besides rawdoggin her?

Yeah man. Thats COOL you're cool you dont have emotion that cool man you dont like physical affection cus ur a man? Thats cool man thats tough, its alpha honestly wicked. you want to hold ur gf in ur arms? lmfao dude… thats beta AFFF u losers will NEVER get pussy like that…

Donate to the mandatory HRT sterilisation for unhinged deranged betas that are a danger to polite society today. Make the world a funnier place.

Addendum: Since the writing of this thread in 2019, the State of Oregon with push from Big Trans Lobby in Portland has officially mandated HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) as a therapy for testosterone induced rage for inmates in prisons, Reuters reports.

Good work everyone!

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