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On The King of the Midwits, IQ & Group Hierarchy or "Why Karl Pilkington is More Intelligent Than Ricky Gervais"

Is there but any fate worse than the topwits who find themselves at the bottom of the pecking order in social groups run by midwits?

Ive been observing this happen a lot on discord recently, you have archetype I will deem “king of the midwits”.

The king of the midwits is a topwit but barely, but what sets them apart is their ego and such surrounding themselves in people dumber than them.

It is observed that within 2std of iq, mutual abstract understanding becomes nearly impossible, even on things people agree with. This is known as the IQ Communication Gap, or as I like to call it the IQ Communication Canyon

So you have here the king of the midwits and his midwit army the king of the midwits waters his message down, and their ego drives them to disregard this they revel in their superiority.

But the cognitive dissonance from their self-flouridated message makes their ego even fragiler and so the topwits who form the lowest rung of the group, usually low ego and introverted will often quip out and try to add nuance.

Nuance is a big no no for midwits, who unlike dimwits, who can understand nuance, just not internalise it abstractly the midwit lashes out at the nuance, along with their midwit king that encourages said behaviour.

Ive noticed this a lot even just in youtube groups or any community, and Ive found that this is one of the most prominent online archetypes for “intellectual” discourse.

Intellectual discourse? yeah, no! These people shreik at discourse, it is about group consensus. Discourse in the macro, consensus and dogma in the micro, that is their M.O.

I have found the best functioning groups are ones that are ordered in a pryamid, or caste if you will. Topwits at the top, kings of the midwits below them, midwits, and then dimwits, then t50s (obviously)

Now the most interesting group archetype is the king of the dimwits, this is usually run by a midwit who uses his midwit alpha force to gain dimwit followers. This type of group will naturally dissolve due to infighting, but I would reckon they make up the majority of groups

Think about youtube groups, or media groups. Im thinking of game grumps and karl pilkingtons group. You got jontron (midwit king) with these fucking BUFFOON DIMWITS but they are the majority.

In the case of karl, he is a dumb man, but high intelligent. He is MUCH MORE intelligent than those other two buffoons who are both midwit primes, yet karl is the hurr hurr he is a retard!!!!!!!!

Observe your status in your social groups, where do you fall? What is the archetype of your group?

group archetypes

[king midwit>midwits>topwits>dimwits]

[topwits>king midwits>midwits]



[dimwits] [midwits] [topwits]


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