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On Porn Addiction, Zoomers, Owned Space, & Gender Dysphoria or Proto-Flange Theory

I wonder if for a lot of modern trans people, their trans identity is more of a reaction to the fact that they were very-online their entire formative years and are thus wired to the core how many trans ppl do you meet that arent internet addicts?

I know ppl will say “NO BUT HES A BOY”, but like fuck dude, with how our culture is, is this really surprising. what porn would they have seen in that age? they would have seen big muscled jacked dudes fucking hairless small girls.

What prepubescent boy is going to be able to actually self-insert in any way as the big man? he doesn't even have T really going thru his body. Either he becomes a cuck or identifies with the girl

For girls this is probably why they also become ftm as well, but more because they see the pretty shaven petite BARELY LEGAL teens and can self identify even with their sex organs, and this probably scares them as rape fear is a natural female instinct.

I wouldnt be surprised a female who is more worried about being raped as a child is going to end up being more masculine, that just seems like a no-brainer without any sort of background on developmental psychology.

Idk, seeing porn after you've gone thru puberty is probably fine comparatively. But I think that prepubescent kids being exposed to HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY has really silently traumatised a LOOOT of kids and set their frame of reference for the rest of their life in a completely skewed manner.

This isn't something people want to touch on because its honestly grotesque to talk about, but for a lot of us Zoomers now entering our 20s with internet connections free-reign in the early 2000s this is reality, basal reality for us.

If they're around an alpha male they wont flange, they're still fertile and can mate, they just don't become hypermasculine, it's weird as fuck.

Having your identity shaped online, the reaction to this as in the reaction to the paramount of issues this creates within your tangible real-life world, would likely cause an avalanche of dysphoria whether gender-related or not, socialised online and outcasted IRL.

I wonder however, if perhaps it was not that they developed female personas. because the act of doing that already shows something off, but more that they had naturally androgynous personalities, and didn't fit much into the natural boy stock think pages 30-33 of BAM re: space.

I think any kid who spends a ton of time on the internet and not outside is going to be effeminate and androgynous because without vitamin d you wont produce T so they'll probably be late bloomers and more likely to then experience dysphoria gender related or otherwise.

I could write a lot of stuff on the trans question, I think its a lot more deeper than anyone on the RW is willing to touch, especially the fact that we may find many strong intellectual white allies who are of this persuasion.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say if you're pre-pubescent and exposed to porn and have had no sexual exposure before seeing hardcore pornography, would you wonder why a child with no sex hormones identifies with the female more? seriously?

I almost wonder, if it is some sort of thing similar to flanging as an orangutan. seeing hardcore porn as a prepubescent flicks on something in ur body and u become effeminate it sounds crazy but that's basically what happens with orangutan males. Much to consider.

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