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On Poverty & Karma, a Pill Hard to Swallow

If poors stopped stealing and being dregs of society then people would be more willing to give them charity the fact of the matter is most have wicked, evil souls.

I can already sense the anxiety pangs from lower middle class, working class all feeling attacked.

“b-but im poor, h-how could you say that???”

t. posted from my smart phone with verizon that my parents pay for on the property we're mortgaging that I bought from walmart

Yeah if you're reading this im going to guess you're not really poor, you've never experienced real poverty. U sure haven't and theres nothing wrong with that everyone wants to be a victim even those supposed trad right wingers who gripe about being poor; fuck off no1 believes u.

Karma is real never forget that.


“Learned today that cops are just placing bikes that don’t belong to anyone on the street and waiting to see who takes them and then arresting them. Is this literally the extent of “crime fighting” our tax dollars can pull off? Give me a break.” - Anonymous

I'm struggling to understand whats wrong with this.


Okay but they would have done it if it was a real car/bike? How does it make it better?

“It’s a fucking waste of time. Most of the people stealing would steal anyway. They’re creating crime to fight, it’s idiotic” - Anonymous

But they're getting instantly caught instead of if it were a real person and they might not be able to catch them. Remember this kinda thing only happens in communities where thievery gets unsolved 90%+ of the time.

“Good point. These might be repeating offenders. Grabbing them might cut the chain. Wonder how many of these people are just poor and need a ride to work or some mundane shit like that. There’s definitely better ways of doing this but I don’t expect much from street cops.” - Anonymous

None, I grew up in a big urban city they take them to chop shops and sell them for the metal. I just needed to steal a bike or a car to get to work cus I lost my car/bike today? Nonsense I really cant believe that, they'd call a coworker or a family member.

“The only time I mention being poor is like this specific instance or when I'm joking about having to eat a pack of ramen every couple of days. lel. I'm js cause by my standards I'm pretty poor; but I don't talk about it cause I know someone somewhere else has it worse so in general I never see a reason to bring it up and especially no reason to complain about it.” - Anonymous

You aren't poor you're just poor in relation to others because America worships money.

“Yeee that; always need more but never have any. big oof” - Anonymous

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