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On PrankNET & Phone Losers: the Left & Right Hand Paths of Trolling

Grifter pussies will resort to feddoxxing, reportcucking, swatting etc.

But real trolling - purely digital, innocent, moe, but powerful - scares them.

You are not reporting them to faceless online overlords, oh no no. You are “reporting” read: humiliating them to their allies, their friends, exposing their neurosis to the public eye all while deluding them to the idea that they are winning, so they push even harder.

There are two schools of thought in regards to that of the troll those that seek to dominate due to insecurities, those that seek to overpower others, those that seek power, those that seek the thrill of malicious malcontent the same kinda that was done unto them.

Then there is the more dangerous type of troll, that which does not target your material world, that which acts a fool, that which lulls you into a sense of security, that which makes you think you're winning, the one that unravels you in public without a single blow.

This difference is most easily characteristic by anyone who was ever part of the online prank call community. T

The first troll is exemplified in that of Dex from PrankNET/Prank University. Ugly paki whos greatest troll was property damage and self-harm.

The second kind of troll is exemplified in that of RBCP of the Phone Losers of America a white man(with a farmhome, 2 children, a wife, in Oregon) with a long history of non-malicious hijinks who's claim to fame is “HANG UP THE PHONE” and “SORRY I DINGED YOUR CAR” prank calls.

I have no other analogy either you get it or you GET IT.

You may read the rules of RBCP's Rules of Prank Calling here.

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