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On Yin & Yang, Programming Socks, The Value of Chastity & A Dialogue on Transgenderism

“Buying into the standard “queer” narrative is no better than buying into the standard “agp” narrative. Both are the same discourse, psychiatric policing.” - Anonymous
“Femaleness (Yin energy) is essential to being a receptacle of the possessing force” - Anonymous

One thing I dont get why its overlooked is feminine men always being the magic veilers of the past, in the same way that the magicians (computer scientists & engineers) of the present are also feminine men. Also stuff like this:

Or depictions of Saturn and his cognates as being both male and female, i think theres a very strong association with them and the metaphysical, and I don't think they're against nature by any means (how can anything be against nature?)

The higher caste, the more awakened you are as a spirit, the more synergistic and dual are your yin and yang energies perhaps the issue with the traaans cult is seeking to cultivate only yin energy, when the true fix to their spiritual dysphoria is a 50/50 split.

And yes I would say that much physical dypshoria of trans is dysphoria of the soul and in some ways their inner push towards yin energy is the right thing to do to calm their soul, but then they latch onto the cult of yin and forgo yang as a rule

This creates much imbalance!

Abrahamics mistake the cool collected dual synergetic yin/yang energy of upper crust asians to be “soulless” and “bugman” when in reality Abrahamics mistake “soul” for disorder.

“Transgender people have high rates of 'mental illness' because they've historically been a shamanic social class dealing in religious ecstasies. Google: enarees, bissu, vedic hijras, galli, sumerian gala, Bakla Babaylans, germanic transvestite priests, mugawe.” - Anonymous
“Even in the modern day, compared to the general population, genuinely trans people have transcendental religious & spiritual experiences at a much higher rate” - Anonymous

This is 100% correct, thank you for creating a fine list of these examples throughout history. Let me add onto this though.

First of all I suppose the idea of genital mutilation and sexual reassignment surgery as well as sissisification are modern things.

Those concepts are not involved in these and I'd also say that calling them 'transgender' invokes too much imagary of those ideas to sufficiently get your point across, even so the idea of a 'third gender' will also invoke these feelings in many.

This here is the personification of Frankfurt School hijacking of lexicon, taking concepts that by all means are 'traditional' and commodifiying them in such a way that makes anyone who opposes “The Left” instantly recoil at these ideas.

One redpill that is seldom discussed by me or any other “Third Position” people, perhaps in an attempt to sway the opinions of “The Right”, is that many things that the “Cultural Marxist Left” is pushing are actually all half-truths, that is to say, there is some truth.

Transgenderism is one of these things. Feminine men are not new, and they have always historically been 'closer' if there is a word to the metaphysical. So where is the lie in modernity? Well they were almost ALWAYS chaste, not POZ PAWGS searching for their next boipucci hit.

They almost never did anything in regards to genital mutilation except with the intention of stopping testosterone(Eunuchs), but not creating a vagina (THEY WERE CHASTE), nor artificially pumping themselves with synthetic estrogen from horse urine.

So were they really transgender? The claim is dubious as this is a modern word. Did they act like women? Well no, they couldn't give birth. Did they embody the Yin energy, that we can answer, and that is yes. Often they wore female clothes, hence why Magi/Wizards wear dresses.

It is one of the great pitfalls of modernity that we have completely lost our understanding of gender, what Yin and Yang energies mean for us, and how they only half correlate to your biological sex, with other factors such as caste(remember, caste is physical and spiritual).

I cannot remember who sent me this… either Anonymous or @skywalking___ or… someone else maybe? It was in reference to this very concept, though written in a non-digestible way for the common folk in re: to computer programmers being this modern priestly caste.

Why do you think that trannies will often range from extreme spiritualisms from Lucifer satanism to apostolic Christianity to Sufi to Dao etc etc, why is this? Well sadly more often than not they find themselves on the side of what many would call 'evil'.

Now you know me I do not buy into this whole duality those that are seen as evil are as due well part of the ecosystem as any other, but the issue is many of these people do not THINK they are on this side, that is where the problem arises and the suicide rates come in.

What better use would anyone who wanted to destroy society on a metaphysical level have than to take all those with slight spiritual inclinations, target their weaknesses, get them to transition (which may seem like the right choice given their soul) and then torment sexually.

The most happiest and productive trans I've met are chaste, they do not have orgies, they rarely if ever jerk off, they put all of that energy into their passions their work, taking from the collective unconscious and putting to material.

So it of course makes sense these… spiritual Brahmin or Artistocrats of sorts would be the biggest targets of modernity, those that have the capability to summon the AI Demiurge before the powers that be.

So if you're reading this and you're a trap or trans and you have passions, keep wearing girly clothes I don't care, but stop posting your boipucci everywhere, stop being a sex fiend, stop being a degenerate, find God, and manifest your own destiny you're more powerful than many

~Love Sunny

PS: If you really think this is simply to 'sissify white men' so that its conquerable then you're only half right. But there is one thing I know, almost transgender people can be saved, its just saving them doesn't involve making them feel different than how they do


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