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On The Early 2000s Zoomer vs Millenial Culture War or "How I Learned To Stop Worrying, Freekiller, RDM, Break NLR, and Ghost"

“A big portion of kids now with some modicum of skill or talent (even if its being witty online_) think they are above engaging w/ people . lot of art ppl are like that especially in music and video- typically poorly socialized, potential rapists, weed addictions…” -Anonymous

How do people even genuinely believe they have talents especially on the internet. Wouldn't you doubt yourself after one person calls you a retard? Maybe it's because they aren't socialised in anonymous communities.

I sort of agree with this, Im 1996 and was on forums at like 7, I remember the old internet vividly, but I rebelled against it. All of the friends I had were in griefing/rage/trolling groups, my age, trolling millenials. So in a way a lot of us did grow up on forums.

I remember finding 4chan when I was like 11 and being like, finally a place free from BBS nonces.

I was thinking back to my old groups, and I think I know why rage/grief culture is dead. It was a defense mechanism for a particular period that only could exist. I think truly this was the first culture war.

The thing is nobody really knew we were kids, Zoomers popped out of nowhere a few years ago? Why? they all lied but trolling groups only ever targeted adults and people who took shit too seriously the malicious groups were ALWAYS millennials who thought the stupidest shit was fun

So that's why I think the griefing community is dead, millenials were all rude and mean as fuck to zoomers when we were online, so we fought back VERY HARD. But I have a hard time being malicious to the young zoomers, I truly don't understand how millenials were so mean.

I don't even like fucking around with em too much I just wake be bros and steer em on the right way, what the fuck was wrong with millennials now that I think about it.

Making millenials mad in video games was the best fun I ever had though, and tbh they brought it on themselves by being humorless assholes with god complexes.

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