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On The So-Called 'Random' Evolution & The Topic of Rapid Evolution or "The Story of the Italian Wall Lizard"

Thinking about the lizard population that was transplanted to an island far away and within 40 years + food shortages they developed a secum to ferment plant matter and no other species in its entire genus had a cecum.

Pretty sure your gut biome has something to do with retroviruses in your genome turning on, perhaps not activating in you but activating in your sex cells, and passing those activated genes onto your children

I wonder if a lizard had nothing to eat but leaves so he chewed and chewed and it didnt really work but the stress on his body and analysed in his gut turned on a dormant retrovirus within genetic memory, and passed it onto his children who were born with cecums to digest it

Evolution happens so rapidly that we don't even realise it is happening, and i think a lot of it has to do with “you are what you eat” or maybe better “you adapt to what you eat”. Will our children be able to digest microplastics and processed food more efficiently?

“Another difference found between the two populations was the discovery, in the Mrčaru lizards, of cecal valves, which slow down food passage and provide fermenting chambers, allowing commensal microorganisms to convert cellulose to nutrients digestible by the lizards.”

Ah yes, “random evolution”.

If I go out into the woods and start eating leaves and drinking fermented milk will it activate a gene in my sperm that will get activated if I pass it on to a woman whos also eating leaves? will our kids have cecums???

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