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On Euclidean Reincarnation, Familial Soul, Karma, or Why You Are Your Own Parents

Souls are not super unique. Your family, or people you know, at least some of them are likely YOU.

Not everyone obviously, but some are a lot of the time it is your mother or father, if you have a really bad relation with one of them, it is likely that one which is you.


Remember, time is euclidean, so is reincarnation. While your spirit's perception is linear it is likely that they are you on a different point of their path of karma.

Any family member that you have genuinely awful relationships with this is likely true, family souls always cluster together.

Parent/Child dynamics are one of the founding roots of karma I believe

Everything else falls to the wayside

How you treat your children will haunt you, and if you were abused by your parents; dont make the same mistakes or you'll continue to suffer. It is my belief those that view life as suffering are of this mindset and in this recurrent cycle of abuse generation after generation

Its no wonder they think life is suffering when they are rotten to their core and their entire existence creates negative karma for all those who interact

Any abuse or trauma suffered as a child before you are 'of age' should be seen as your karmic debt, and it was likely preformed by yourself, forgive yourself, then you can forgive your parent

Think about this:

The children that the elite are killing and abusing and raping are their own avatars that they are doing this too, it is likely their victims will grow up and do the same thing, are there victims here? or people running from karma?

I dont know.

And let me be clear when I say they're likely 'YOU' i mean forgetting half of their DNA that literally makes you up (and DNA is related to the soul, actually) i mean they are euclidean reincarnations of you at different stages of your life cycles.

Tl;dr: Familial people you have awful horrible toxic relationships with that are an ever permanent part of your life no matter how hard to escape them: they're likely you.

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