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Suspension of Disbelief Re: The Saturn Cult & Saturn Symbology in The World Today

“The most obvious solution to the “wine-coloured sea” question is that the ancient Hellenic peoples, just like the Greeks today, were a bunch of fucking drunktards”

It all comes back to Saturn.

One thing I want to make clear about my frequent posting about Saturn and why you should listen to me even if you think its crazy is 2 things

  • 1. the elite believe this stuff with conviction
  • 2. their actions prove it

Even if you don't habibi sum1 with immense power does. Why stay ignorant?

Do you guys understand that people with immense power who believe this stuff “crashed” (this is dubious) into Saturn to see what would happen and played it off as necessary. The whole Cassini thing is full of spooks, look into it.

I mean once you notice the absolute ABUNDANCE of Saturn references everywhere, pop culture, computer programs (this is important), cars, video games, secret organisations, notso secret organisations, fast food chains, businesses, etc etc you wonder, huh, thats odd.

Well that must be a coincidence – oh wait mostly all of these companies are owned by the same 6 big mega corporations.

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