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Why Sexuality and Gender are Jewish Inventions

if you were trans and took my position you'd be able to defend it forever, why do they build their entire identity on sexology that was undeniably bunk the 'agp' question plagued transgirls, but you wouldn't be trans of you didn't have agp, all men to some degree have felt agp

so many trans are subjected under the blachardeque framework though, that they can't see past it, they're either pro or anti, there's no other explanations really offered, let alone ones that look at the entire history of man

no 'mental illness' is anything new… only their expressions in this new society. they seem new because everything else seems new, but all these things are as old as time immemorial the depravity of man, it's nothing new

people esp trans would be a lot happier if they broke out of this sexologist framework ala john money et al contemporaries (like blanchard) as it is a very wrong mindset completely divorced from observable and known history

but to them to reject that framework is simply to reject their whole identity, what's surreal about this is their 'modern' identity forces them into a box more than their 'ancient' identity would have

there is a vast unexplored world here with extreme amounts of historical context yet the dichotomy is divorced from any record, you are simply pro or anti lgbt, there is no acceptable third way I hope to change this

wonder if people's souls get swapped during the kali yuga, does the idea that during the kali yuga men start acting like women and women acting like men more than surface level? perhaps it's a reference to souls being switched up what better way for karma to play itself out

it makes me think bc of how much men these days want tomboys (mentally) but girls don't seem to realise and girls seem to want femboys (mentally) but boys don't seem to realise the expressiom state of interpersonal relationships is so bizarre these days

men too can get autoandrophilia, and yes women too autogynaphilia though what is peculiar is that it seems to be pretty evenly split across genders. half of men have agp, other half aap. same with females autophilia seems to be a spectrum

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