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On the Poison of Young Adult Fiction and Modern Women

Women see the world through young adult fiction novel generation recursive idealism spirals

At first I was going to say that women see the world through the lens of young adult fiction novels, and then I got to thinking quickly about how that ended up to be it wasn't always like this.

I realised that every succesive generation of young adult fiction presents a more and more idealised version of reality to the point where we've entered some sort of uncanny valleyness of idealism.

These girls always have diaries…TRUST ME. No not that they've kept a diary no I mean they've had a diary their whole lives and they've never skipped a beat when they talk about themselves. (last 2 words moot cus this is all they talk about). You can hear ukuleles play.

I lied at first this isnt most girls actually but I know for a fact you know someone like this. I call em yaffs young adult fiction fags.

Sisterhood of the traveling pants yall.

God I cant even think of a single fucking thing to namedrop to give a better example of it this. I feel is a virtue on my part.

Like women who are like this might as well be aliens. They live in a complete fucking fantasy world you cannot hope to empathise with this. These are the white backpackers who get raped and beheaded in their wanderlust tank tops.

They will never be happy because of it either, real life will always disappoint them. You cannot save them!

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