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On Monogamy, Polygyny, Puritans, The Beauty of the Slut, the Necessity of Pre-Marital Sex for Pairbondning, The Myth of the 'Trad' Agegap, & Dangers of Hormonal Birth Control or "Lock and Key Theory, 101"

Neolithic monogamous societies had whores and sluts; Polygynous pastoral had concubines and whores.

Lock & Key! It most trad 2 lose a virginity to a WHORE, and learn 2 pleasure women that way. This is true eugenics. Your future wife will thank you! [Ex.](

You cannot call yourself trad if you have Bourgeois Puritan ideas of sex and think that men and women must be equal in chaste. Did you know that male virginity is a modern concept? Virgin has ALWAYS referred to a female, as the female virginity is TANGIBLE.

I find it odd how the Puritan is never able to reconcile the other parts of humanity, and what they exist for. The conservative and liberal(same thing) both cannot fit the puzzle pieces of man and this world we live in together in any seamless fashion.

I suppose this is monotheism at its core, and I truly do see the benefit here of polytheism as you are much more easily able to reconcile the many disparate peoples in the world. While Puritans and the like preach a universal moral standard that is against human nature by default.

The whore, slut, concubine is at its essence a fertility goddess. I mean this, and I am being quite literal. They embody the energy, vibrations, of fertility and they play an important part in the ecosystem.

Don't let the feminist reinterpretation of the past fool you, women of yore LOVED sex in all different ways. You had monogamous K-selected females who loved sex and had big families to one patriarchal man.

You had sluts who with the love of the r-selected fertility Goddess act as a quite literal steam valve for the men of society, and genuinely do enjoy doing it.

It was only in the dry dour puritanical Anglo-Bourgeois societies that women started to hate sex and at the same time develop a shame complex over sex

Prostitutes are women who engage in the commercial transaction of sex.

Sluts are women who love sex in a yin sense (love getting dominated, fucked, submissive).

Whores are women who love sex in a yang sense (love having power over men, dominant, status & power hungry)

All have their place, back in the good old days we actually had words for all the different types of men and women. People knew their places and knew what they were and their place in the world. These dark times where this idea of the individual that is free from any box is insane

Do you think steppe nomads had shame about sex? Do you think a virgin bride cared if her husband had fuck whores and knew how to please a woman?

Confidence only comes with experience and a virgin who is saving her virginity for marriage will NEVER marry an unconfident guy, that's the SINGLE requirement that all women share across the board

You gotta be a fucking confident male. Women see it in you “they just know”.

Selecting mates has been bred into women. Because of their negative(passive/yin) role. And they are subtle. Men seize. Women embrace. Men enter. Women are entered. Women don't seize. They make you seize.

- Virgin and Maiden are interchangeable in every single IE language but Eng - дева - virgin, maiden - Vierge - virgin, maiden - Jungefrau - virgin, maiden - παρθενικός - virgin, maiden, virginal, maidenly, vestal - Faam - virgin, maiden, girlfriend

There is no such thing as male virginity.


Imagine a war so epic that a soyboy with an mg can kill a hundred chads that could rip him in half with their bare hands How long do you reckon it would take us to recover from this genetic disaster?

Selection pressure does not care about your ideals, beliefs, convictions, and logos.

- thesis: hupergamy - antithesis: chaste momogamy - synthesis: fuck sluts

Its a tradition for trad chad dads to get their beta sons who are bad with women a whore before they start courting maidens to marry, few know this.

Every single every loser virgin in their twenties I've ever known laments ENDLESSLY about how they wish they had fucked sluts in hs or college so they aren't nearing 30 with the confidence of a middle schooler EVERY SINGLE ONE.

“I'll be different. I bet they didn't have trad phases”. THEY DID THAT'S WHY THEY REJECTED GIRLS LOL NOW THEY'RE MENTALLY STUNTED. SUPER TRAD

Sex appeal precludes love for women. Remember; WOMEN AND MEN ARE UNEQUAL PAIRS THAT UNITED MAKE A WHOLE THEY AREN'T THE SAME! DON'T PROJECT YOUR MALE FANTASY ONTO WOMEN. They are not like males in how they think at all what they find appealing in men is completely different than you.

Women are abstract lovers, they are bound to the intuitive natural earthly elements much more than men, who are much closer to the spiritual divine Women love confidence, and nurse syndrome is projecting confidence onto a man.

Everybody think they a baller anti-feminist but then they start spouting shit like men fucking whores who will always be whores and then they start acting like men and women should be held to the same standards of chaste. KEY AND LOCK THEORY NIGGA


A man that marries a girl without having sex with her is also insane or in a cult. You CANNOT pairbond without sex oxytocin is released in females in very few instances childbirth, breastfeeding, and ORGASMS this is what creates PAIRBONDING.

Satisfaction in a relationship for women cannot be had unless she is sexually satisfied a woman who is not sexually satisfied will be a bitchy, nagging wench because she does not love you unless she has the orgasm-induced pairbonding.

For this reason it is insane to marry a woman without having sex with her. She may seem like a sweet, pure girl the moment she realizes she avoids sex with u because it doesnt feel good and is just impatiently waiting for it to be over will be the moment your dream is shattered.

You're all virgins so I dont expect any of u to get this. I'm trying 2 save u I've taken girls virginities before if they have no sexual history getting them to enjoy sex is like trying to lock pick a bank safe unless u have that experience as well

And a blackpill a lot of u wont like this is a blackpill if u have like… a tiny…. dick….. cus you wont be able to give a girl orgasm its okay men were meant to be sent off to war, not all men were meant to breed! its okay!

As long as you have girth or length then you're fine it is NOT TRUE that if a girl is a virgin she will be tight enough to orgasm on your tiny little pecker. I've had many girls tell me how they lost their virginity to an ex (who was “experienced”) with a small dick. And oddly enough….they didn't enjoy it at all =/ so yeah uhhhhh I dont care if this makes you mad like its the truth and thats that just be gay or something idk traps exist for a reason.

If u have a dick say like 5.5in+ or thick enough that avg condoms hurt u can be a massive douchebag and get any girl u want that's not a pornstar/sizequeen im not joking you can act like an asshole and say YEAH MY DICK IS 7IN and then they'll take any abuse and degrading.

If ur pp is big and u lack confidene theres something wrong and u just need to remember that women are vain and if you want a virgin gf then u need confidene and u gotta make that pp know the ropes to please ur dumb virgin wife

Most ppl dont want to admit it but even the “average dick sizes” are over represented and just take a cursory look at like… literally any place where people post pictures of their dicks

Take /soc/ or reddit for example you have the few narcisisstic ppl with big dick with women drooling over them and flirting with a complete stranger and a MASS of weird ugly mushroom dysgenic penis creatures that turn women into lesbians or just gag a little looking at it.

Age gaps are cringe if there is a generation difference u should have a wife who is in the same generation as you, an age gap within 3 years is ideal, 5 is pushing it

When a girl is young and naive she may like age gaps until she realises that u have nothing in common with her in 10 yrs from now when ur 30 and living in ur ideal silver tiger fantasy, the girl u like will be playing VR Minecraft Fortine 5 and will have nothing in common with u

“oh but he's so mature…” says every teen girl who has ever been groomed on the internet. Until she realizes there is a REASON that 21-40 yr old man likes her romantically, emotionally, and is invested in marrying her

she sees him as stunted emotionally (which he is) inexperienced sexually, emotionally, and is inadvertently abusive* *because he has no useful relationship experience, takes her too seriously, and lashes out at her for being a stupid hormonal teenage girl

I cringe at millennial tradcaths who are attempting to woo a virgin teenager if they actually end up grooming the teen, once she realise how different the 2 are let alone that he only sees her for her innocence, she will be disgusted and hate him passionately forever

Grooming a girl you have nothing in common with because she's naive/pure/innocent/whatever into a wife is a bad idea in an essence you're literally cucking urself because ur making her into a good wife for someone else who she will actually get along with

Source: every single girl i've ever been friends with IRL & online that has talked to me about about men.

Blackpill: its more to do with men simply not acting like men, than it has to do with anything else.

Another blackpill: divorce rates have spiked due to the increased use of hormonal birth control pills. [Source.](

New research shows that the pill reduces women's urge to select for a mate that is different than them. When off the pill, women preferred the smell of men who were more genetically distant as opposed to genetically similar, on pill they preferred men similar

This translates to women being happy while on pill with a man who is close to them genetically, get married, get off pill to have kids, and cannot stand their partner. In age of racially mixed society, women are constantly exposed to scents of men who are of another race

We evolved with 80% infant mortality so even by small standards women are supposed to be selecting for genetic distance to ensure lower mortality rates. This is why women mix race/ethnic groups the more genetically distant, the more the woman prefer a man's scent during ovulation

In non-global societies all this did was make sure u were more attracted to people who weren't your relatives, but in a mutliracial multiethnic age it has been hijacked and subverted either intentionally or not

Sex for women is psychological, and you don't need a big dick to make a woman cum

As for the first part all women say that, and it's true to a degree. feeling attached to someone will make it more pleasurable because you're more comfortable and inclined to orgasm (releases oxytocin). If it's purely psychological to you then you just don't have amazing orgasms

Or you have never had one. my gf tells me she is left much more satisfied from sex when shes sobbing from orgasming so hard her body is weak in comparison, if she doesnt orgasm from sex she is left feeling more sore, but still satisfied because she made me happy.

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