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How I Learned to Stop Reading and Vibe

ppl be out here name dropping influential authors and webauthors and im just like bruh i dont read

U Do Not Need 2 Read Anything But First Hand Accounts Of History & Oral Tradition 2 Form A Logical And Coherent Worldview

Be Your Own Thinker

the only useful thing that authors have going for them is organising information into a logical way making graphs, visualising the information, making maps, making information that compliments. your own commentary is not useful, shut the FUCK UP I DONT CARE

ppl who make battle maps for ancient battles based on the 1st hand texts are doing more of a service than the fucking nimwits who write fucking a 500 page book abt why this one battle was so important bro stfu nobody cares

just like academic science has a major issue with midwitted retards writing incessantly on shit that doesnt matter then self-aggrandizing so does human cosmology (his, pol, myth, phil, psych, soc) and these idiots have an incentive to keep writing STUPID BULLSHIT

whats worse? they dont cross over their fucking fields. EVER. this is the biggest issue i feel as y academic stuff is so cancerous, not oft do you see many of these fledgling phds cross over to any other fields “leave it to the experts in that field” their middling peabrains say

anyways, fuck academics

if theres one thing ive learned from all my reading is that nobody learns from their mistakes, history repeats itself, history is cyclical, and no amount of politics will stop these machinations that seem almost intrinsic to our dna you just have to look to the future

14 words are really all u need but its so much more than that, its about educating them, not being pieces of shit, working on yourself spiritually so that you may be a good father and mother, no amount of esoteric/occult/polsci reading will matter if ur a POS parent

i talk about parenting and stuff on here so much because the family is the only unit of society that matters fundamentally and whites are dying because of the broken family, if you want to fix it you have to fix yourself and then raise kids 500x better than ur parents couldve

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