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Talmudic Duper's Delight or 'Why Are They So Brazen?'

“But Anon, why would they so brazenly display symbolism which could be tied to ritual child abuse & pedophilia?” Simple. Duper’s delight. Psychopaths can’t help themselves.
I've heard they also believe it takes away cosmic karma, if you tell what you are about to do it's like giving a warning

This is it 100%, talmud explains this and how it relates to pilpul. In making their actions forthright and giving enemy all of the justification, they do truly believe it wipes them of their karmic debt, in their heads, they are the good guys, and the ends justify the means

They do truly believe they are good guys, you do not control as much of the world as they do and think you're evil masterminds while still running a society, they think the ends justify the means, that we're wrong, and they do truly and v strongly believe God favours them

Madonna pointing at crowd “you are not making it to the future”— crowd cheers— can see why they would think they’ve got sanction eh

Yup, they think if they tell people what they're going to do it absolves debt. I am going to take this from you *laughs*, and then I take it from you and you thought I was joking, no karmic debt incured. Talmudists do have a belief in Karma, just very… warped?

Like they've figured out every single way to jew karma into working for them, I mean really could it have been any other race besides jews to come up with the “if we tell you we're going to do something bad to you and then we do and you didn't believe us theres no bad karma” bit?

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