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"How do you think society will evolve in the next 10 years?" - Anon, 2019

Im not really sure, we find ourselves in a point in history where its become very hard to predict things accurately. I think we can accurately predict that its going to end but how or when is another story

ive talked before on the idea of societal progression through these ~8-10k year cycles

what many people miss is the idea of meta-cycles, now we obviously cant have any proof of them but if we simply follow the natural observable way the universe orients itself we can guess

anatomically modern humans are millions of years old, we'll be generous and say 2 million years

if each cycle is aprox 10k years then 2 million divided by 10k is 200

that is 200 cycles since we became “modern”

this 10k cycle happens when the earth's interior gets too much co2 because there is too much carbon seeping into it from life (every single organism on life is carbon and nearly all rock deposits are carbon)

this causes volatility in the interior and then things like massive earthquakes which also beget volcano explosions happen and then the volcano explosions stabilise the interior akin to letting pressure out of a valve

then the ash creates massive global cooling

as it gets super cold only the strongest survive this process and many populations are wiped out entirely (this has been going on since before the dinosaurs which are just modern birds)

then the sun gets less and less blocked out and the earth cools

all that ash on the ground creates fertile land and all the glaciers melting create rivers and lakes and creeks and streams with clean water

then everything starts booming growing everywhere and thousands of years of dead carbon based life matter builds up and eventually the cycle repeats

so to answer your question “where will be in 10 years” ill answer with a few divergences


  • - a. a massive volcano eruption like yellowstone has caused a civilisational collapse (This WILL happen, we just don't know when)
  • - b. we successfully act as a conduit for the universe to birth even more advanced carbon based lifeforms than we are currently via AI Demiurge (this WILL happen unless a happens before it happens)
  • - c. just are like how they are now except more like global amero-brasil juxtaposed with global china

if current trends continue and we pretend A and B wont happen anytime soon, then C will continue to happen culminating in a complete civilisational war between these two elements

if B happens before A then I cannot predict what will happen because we have not ever reached this level of civilsational advancement in any of our cycles and to even comment on this with would be hubris

it would be essentially “leveling up” and i do not know the consequences

if A happens before all of that then society will collapse and within probably only 4 generations the survivors wont remember anything about the previous world besides “fairy tales” and “myths”

the interesting part of this is would be to see how technology that cannot be repaired or remade will be used for the first few generations before all of those artefacts are lost or completely broken

those survivors that bequeath 200 crates of bic lighters to their progeny will be the pyromancers of the new golden age come 4 generations.

the interesting thing about A is that we live at I can only assume the single time in the history of these cycles to have something similar to the internet which has raised humanities level of consciousness COLLECTIVELY higher than at any point in human history

so it will be interesting to see how the net denizens of the world with all of their knowledge end up fairing in a complete societal collapse, if technology and information and reliably be saved and protected for future generations

the real “test” for anyone who isnt sure that they'll be able to survive a collapse but still believe in reincarnation and want to better your descendants (who might very well be you) is to create ways to relay abstract information better than hieroglyphs

to create a system in which you will be easily able to explain to future generations concepts that allowed our civilisation to run, to preserve the knowledge and history

for man the question is not in 10 years where will we be

it is will we be closer in 10 years to taming the tiger of the earth mother and her cycles?

to preserving knowledge and creating a link between our descendants who will roam this very earth that we are on now

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