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On Twitter, Web 3.0 & The Last Frontiers of Web 1.0 or "The Customisation Wars"

Here's a take

In this age of digital gentrification, out of all the social media platform Twitter exists as the single leyline between the counter-culture and the current-culture. It is this reason that Twitter unlike YT, Reddit & 4ch have lost the virility it once had.

No other platform can you easily harass public officials or get public officials to easily see your shitposts, love or hate the platform Twitter represents perhaps accidentally in essence something that the internet lost Post-Facebook, if only ever so slightly.

Oh and BTW. The people who say Twitter is restrictive for intellectual discourse are MIDWITS. Like all things the dumbest opinion is usually right except with great nuance that the midwit only half-grasps. Twitter is the highest and lowest IQ platform, both extremes.

If twitter is “too restrictive” to your “intellectualism” then you need to rethink whether you practice spiritual intellectualism or if you practice academic “intellectualism”

If you can't super compact mass info density into tweets what are you even doing?

The platform is much too sterile though, how I long for the days of schizophrenic levels of customisation a la myspace.

“tfw can't change page background into picture of stars and change text into gothic have music play WE HAVE LOST FEATURES DAMMIT web 2.0 sucks” - Anonymous

We're on web 3.0 man… Thats what I miss man. Personal expression used to be ubiquitous. Mow its stifiled to the utmost and slowly fed back to us as “new features”. (DISCORD)

“1st u had bbs but then u could make ur own website on geocities then myspace then you had to use facebook and now u have the same twitter page as everyone else no unqiue emotes have 2 pay to use moving emotes when every forum had fuken gif smileys n shit bland minimalism” - Anonymous

I remember the amount of hate Skype got for not letting you add emotes when Microsoft acquired it one line of thought was holy fuck will they let you add emotes like msn??? Nope never happened. Discord lets u have 30 custom ones BETTER PAY FOR GIFS. =] hehe very cool.

Oh you're taking my data and making a profit? Thats cool. Ohhh you have to because the chat history function? Nahh its okay pal u can just get rid of it. Ohhh u dont want to get rid of if cus u can harvest data? Aahhh alright man well can u give me free gif emojis? No? Ahaha nice

Limewire and napster being taken down was one of the greatest cultural blows ever to civilization comparable to the burning of the library of Alexandria and I'm not kidding

Anyone who makes culture into a commodity is your enemy. They are a snake in the grass. Minecraft them!

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