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On The State of My Time on Twitter or 'How To Think for Yourself'

I've done my job handholding people enough, when I came here last year w Miya to be frank nobody had interesting content, now I don't even have to post, I just check thru day and see very interesting stuff relating to this whole culture, it's a good feel

I did my job as an instrument, and I stay for the purposes of fermentation but any handholding I do past sending you walls of text dms when I have free time and giving you stuff and people to read will have to wait, for an indefinite period sans me writing blog posts which

I might not even make public and just post to internal circles, since it would be more like my personal thoughts, I'm no journalist, just a once but likely still broken person trying to find his way in his seemingly cold lonely world, slowly learning to love even its worst flaws

I am not an oracle nor a sage, just a once very very depressed, confused, and lost neet beaten and spit out by this world, looking for answers and looking for meaning in a way that truly honored the sacrifices my ancestors made, and it isn't easy, it's a constant thing

I've spent many weeks, months, reading and meditating and thinking on this stuff, it is not unique to me, nor is it particularly profound, it still amazes me how people had often mentioned the Vedas and Aryan origins to the so called Eastern Philosophy but nobody ever committed

They tried to reconcile with Christianity, likely for political reasons, or they turned to Islam for reasons of power, Judaism for the same, Neopagamism for the virtue signal to your foreborn without the actual effortI

I on the other hand, wanted every day to not be emotional and existential pain, I did not seek comfort in a clique or an established organization, I just kept researching and connecting dots until slowly but surely all the way from the day I picked up Sisyphus to the Vedas

I found myself with an inner system, that not only gave me the tools and the inner powe and esteem to greet the day juxtaposed to the one despondancy, but even to conquer, to master it, to feel like your ancestors really wuz smiling upon you imperial, bc you're TRYING your best

You're trying to appease them, to make them proud, to honour their sacrifices, so they may watch down from the halls of valor as this age turns, and at that at least some people tried pethaps fruitlessly to rediscover the Dharma that once was in an age defined by Adharma

I don't care about politics, I don't care about power, I like helping people who remind me of myself in how their minds work, it's a perhaps narcissistic trait I have but despite this it is still who I am

All I've ever cared about is myself and those wgo I am to empathise with, and if you're in that latter group no matter the colour nor background, maybe we think similarly, and if you're in as much pain as I once was, it's painful to imagine you in such a place as well

Everyone must find their own dharma, their own way, and their own inner story, my only hope is that I can get even a few people to understand this enough to make ripples however insignificant, however mundane Just so people are happier, so people are better parents and family

So we can rise even just slightly as a race, I want to die knowing I tried my best, so that I have no regrets

All that matters, all we can really do, is just try to fucking be happy, to undo generations of fucked up industrial family culture, to raise our kids to be happy, to show them a world of their oyster, and to have them be prepared

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