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On 'Puritanism', 'TPUSA', 'Tradcaths', & Abortion or "What race is it?"

On the other hand, considering how widespread alcohol, love hotels, prostitution services, pornography, and abortion are, you’re really going to find it difficult to make the case that Japan is a socially conservative society most American Republicans would like to live in.

What I find so absolutely baffling about the state of modern politics, perhaps this is just an American thing, is how traditional conservativism has become the puritanism of the suffragettes? Brothels? Alcohol? Killing downie babies? This is all stuff FEMINISTS wanted banned

Now… I don't know about YOU but I'm not one of those people that tries to reconcile with Post-Enlightenment views by saying, well Post-Enlightenment stuff was good up until… favourite of conservatives = the 50s. I reject them entirely

When these faux-conservatives talk about banning brothels, alcohol, eugenics, I just don't fucking get it. You're just bleeding hearts, liberals are also bleeding hearts but you're just like anti-liberals, and to be anti- something is to be defined by that which you are against

Obviously I think the prior is self-evident, at least I would hope so, I see so many agree with this belief yet do not put into practice when pushed into a moral corner or in a thought experiment. They don't really believe this at all, so they say;

Women shouldn't be in brothels! Its bad for them! They deny the existence of whores, not an insult but a genuine archetype of female that exists, in the same way that beta and alpha males exist, so too does the whore. Whores a born, not made in the same way.

So your wife has a downie baby, do you abort it? If you were a Scythian you'd leave it by the creek or in the woods, you wouldn't care for it forever. Where does this guilt complex come from?

Abortion is a non-issue, the real issue is eugenics. And I am for eugenics

On the topic of alcohol, uhhh really? Look I don't like alcohol personally, and I think for the most part its a neolithic drink meant for the neolithic minded, despite this its still obviously 'trad' in every sense of the word, again feminist suffragettes caused prohibition

What seems so fucking odd to me is just how many opinions of the tradcath puritan right are almost verbatim things that feminists in the early 1900s believed. Ban alcohol! Ban brothels! All babies are equal!

You are not traditional, you are not conservative. At all, I find it funny that this is what they direct at the likes of TPUSA, what are you conserving??? The same can be said for these people, they're just male suffragettes, without the females demanding rights part.

Or maybe, maybe they are demanding rights, they're realising the short stick they were sold in the 1900s, they want their care free relaxing lives back, they want to go back to the degeneracy of how settled life was back then, not how it is now. They miss the comforts

For this you can't blame them but as I've said, useless women are an entirely neolithic phenomenon, and anyone with any sort of noble heart & spirit knows this. The type of men who wish to marry and BREED with useless breeder women will have dumb vacant little breeder kids

There is true traditionalism, and it starts on the allegorical and literal steppe. The steppe represents freedom, it represents the vastness of possibilities that exist, go any which cardinal way on the steppe and all paths are different

The steppe is what makes you free, to find actual traditionalism and not the mullato neolithic-steppe traditionalism from the fusion of neolithic and steppe peoples, look to the steppe, look to the nomadic horse peoples, those of chariot, horse, and bow, the men who are free

An Aryan is an Anarchist in nature, and a Fascist in domestication

We are all domesticated, every single one of us, not exist a single man connected to the computer box that has escaped this fate, there are varying levels, sure, but this remains so

There is no ideal to strive towards, only through the end of this age can any noble heart know true freedom, until the real steppe is once again vast and open, you must focus on your inner steppe and ferment freedom there, for this will bring you half way at the very least

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