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On Tripfags & Slave Morality

Every single time someone runs out of arguments against me they will write “hurr durr you have coomer avatar”. That's how I know I can move on - Anonymous

Yeah, slave morality like that isn't a good look. pol has been submerged in this for years, which is why I moved over here. Twitter sucks because of this to some degree, but the benefit of a permanent persona means you can build authority

When pol started becoming less about long effort posts and esoterica and more about shitposting about flags and memeflags everything went downhill, but here on Twitter people only resort to this behavior if they're already stupid because ppl create their own boards essentially

Maybe my perception of Twitter is skewed from refusing to use social media until this year, but to me it just seems like through who I follow I'm creating my own imageboard where everyone is a tripf@g.

This has pros and cons, but original imageboard culture was actually dominated by tripf@gs and it had essentially the same effect as it does here on Twitter with the pros and cons

Many will hate to admit it, but at the end of the day Quentin WAS right about having tripcodes, and this exact same phenomenon described here in this comic happens daily on Twitter, if you act a red herring to attract midwits

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