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On Trolling As Self-Ego Darwinism, a Short Piece

Trolling is online social darwinism for an individuals ego.

Repeated exposure to online trolls results in polarisation those who become formless egoless trolls and continue the cycle vs those who become pure ego and become lolcows. Its a perfect ecosystem.

Its interesting how the lack of an ego online has become so commonplace and standard for any subculture that has genuine influence socially and culturally.

Keep in mind I am not speaking in terms of malignant low IQ trolling ie “I send death threat. I swat. I boot offline hehe. they cant log in now” skiddie trolling

I mean genuine trolling, the type that puts a mirror on your side and awaits for you to see your own absurdity.

Its an art to make someone's ego felt so attacked by doing simply benign things that they explode into rage and anger.

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