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An Introduction to Vedic-Paganism, Aryanism, & a Discussion on the Consumption of Beef

I read the Rigvedas because it is the only first hand written account by Aryans on their ancient beliefs and oral tradition, all European sources are translated by Christtian Monks

Most Aryans are in Europe and the Americas. I would not consider the vast majority of Indian Brahmin to be really racially pure Aryans. The Rigvedas the same beliefs as every strain of Euro-Paganism, the Kalash of Pakistan to this still day still follow Rigvedic Oral Tradition

I see Rigvedism as the exact same religion verbatim to every brand of European Paganism, with obvious aesthetic differences. So to me these modern notions of Hinduism do not matter to me, I am not and will never be a 'Hindu', I am an Arian.

They all come from the Eurasian Steppe so I'm not sure I'd really call them copies. They're echoes of the ancient Indo-European belief by virtue of it being the same hereditary line of people who went east and west from the Black Sea, no?

The only difference is the Rigvedics broke tradition and wrote their oral traditions down unlike their European sisters, who then got mass converted by Christians. I wouldn't call them copies but family members.

Beef was consumed by all Aryans and especially the people who wrote the Rigveda. Not eating beef only became a trend in the 4th century. Nowhere in the Rigveda does it say not to eat beef, remember I said I care about the Rigveda, not the Vedas. I am NOT a Hindu!

It was only when Rigvedic Culture started to stray from its pastoral nomadic roots of the Eurasian steppe that beef became looked down upon. I only care abut the Rigveda, anything else within the 'Hindu Canon' is not legitimate in my eyes, they have their tradition, we have ours.

I would not call modern Hinduism, 'Vedism'. It's a Vedic religion as much as Jainism or Buddhism, but it's not the original religion by any stretch because of the extensive amount of changes since the Rigveda. Their entire modern pantheon is nowhere to be found in the Rigveda.

Quote the Rigveda and tell me where it says I can't eat beef.

Aryan Migrations are proven with genetics. I don't care about your Dravidian mud religion synthesis with Vedism, Krishna is not a Rigvedic deity, it comes from the Dravidian Tradition that predates the Aryans in India

Indo-Europeans were cattle farmers who castrated bulls and ate their meat.

We are cattle farmers. We do not practice idol worship or worship animals, nor did those who wrote the Rigveda.

Not a single IE religion worships cows. We do not worship animals, trust me, though we do believe in animal overspirits.

Cow worship is not from the Rigvedas, and if it is I ask you to quote the texts and show me. If you can I'll stop eating beef completely.

Indo-Europeans from the Eurasian Steppe who were nomadic and pastoral and herded cattle, sheep, and goats and rode horses and chariots wrote the Rigveda, their ancient Oral Tradition sung in hymns.

The Satapatha Brahmana quotes Yajnavalkya as saying;

”I for one eat beef provided it is tender (amsala)”

The Satapatha and the Aitareya Brahmana mention distinguished guests being served cattle meat. On this account, guests were called 'Goghna' or 'Cow Killer'.

In the Rigveda, Indra and Agni are called;

“Eaters of bulls and barren cows”.

The Yajnavalkya smriti, albeit a much later text, mentions that a 'Maha-oksa' or a big bull is to be sacrificed at special occasions.

The Vasistha sutra says that;

“An ascetic who refuses beef at a sacrifice will go to hell for as many years as the slaughtered beast had hair”

The Rigveda is from the Steppe, the oral traditions are from the Eurasian Steppe. Vedism did not start in India. Roman Empire was Vedic, so was Ancient Greece, so were the Norse, even the Solutrean Native Americans

Vedism is Paganism. In Norse it's called Eddas. Eddas, Vedas. Same root word. Pagans do not idol worship either. Look to the modern unbroken pagan traditions of the Mari in Russia. These are what your ancestors looked like.

& as always….


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