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An Introduction to Vedism, Aryans, Scythians, Buddha, Blue Eyes, Black Sea, Zoroastrianism, Aryanism or better put ; "Sanatana Dharma"

Sanatama Dharma? Sanatama Dharma thread.

When I speak about Dharma, Its not tied to what we call 'Hinduism'. It is not tied to something Eastern, Asian, or Modern Indian. So truthfully whats interesting is if we try to equate Dharma with something we could understand today, it would not be today's Hinduism, nor India.

Rather it would indeed be Ancient European Paganism, by which I mean the Proto-Indo-European Religion. Dharma is synonymous with Asatru, Odinism, Hermetic Tradition, Greco-Roman Paganism. Dharma and pre-Christian European Paganism are one. They are the same thing.

I would say that Hinduism today is certainly a watered outgrowth of Dharma, much the same that Mormonism is to Judaism. The two however, are not synonymous.

Sanatana Dharma is Pure Dharma Spirituality, whereas what we call today Hinduism is a hodge-podge syncreticism of many, many more recent ideas taken from Dravidian folklore. What may have started off as Dharma, Hinduism is not today sadly.

For this reason alone I avoid the term Hindu at all costs. Firstly it is not an accurate term, Hindu and Hinduism are only about 350 years old. They are not words found in the Vedas. I prefer to refer to this Tradition as either Vedic Tradition, Aryanism, or Sanatama Dharma

Sanatama Dharma is the word itself that you genuinely find in the Vedas. Sanatama Dharma is quite beautiful if you know the translation. “The Eternal Natural Way.” The term Dharma itself is a Philisophical term, not a sectarian term. Translated simply it means 'Natural Law'.

What is meant by natural law? Simply that when we look up at the Cosmos around us, it is a Universe, and the principles of it can be known. It is a world full of meaning that has inherent principles that are embedded within the very structure of the Universe.

That is Dharma. And when it comes to the Western World really most if not all Ancient European Civilisations and Peoples share this worldview. Anyone who is a Classicist, anyone who understands Europe will readily agree to this idea.

The Ancient Germanic, Celts, Greco-Romans, Slavs, all of these Pre-Christian cultures shared in the exact same worldview that I just explained, they observed Natural Law, that is to say Dharma. Everyone has heard the word Dharma, but few know what it truly means.

Often Hindus will act as if these concepts in Sanskrit cannot be translated, but in fact it is very simple. Dharma is just that, Natural Law. You might think hippie when you talk about Dharma, but I am far from a hippie frankly the opposite.

There are many stereotypes about Sanatama Dharma or Vedic Spirituality that its tied in with liberalism, hippie culture, hedonism, and anti-revolution thing that took place in the 60s. This is not the case however at all, extremely far from it.

America and much of the West has been taken over by this mindset. The truth however is that Sanatama Dharma itself is radically Traditionalist, which is why Evola and Guenon were so fond of it. There is nothing hippie about it.

Sanatama Dharma is a path that believes in strong virtue and upholding ethics. It does not believe in relative ethics, that you can just make up the rules as you go along. It believes extremely strongly in the idea of Natural Hierarchy.

Radical hierarchy actually in fact, there is no religion on Earth not even the most ardent Salafists that express the healthy natural concept of Heirarchy more so than Sanatama Dharma.

Sanatama Dharma is also radically anti-egalitarian, more so than any philosophical system on the face of the earth can possible be. So no, nothing about Dharma is hippie, liberal, or anything like your Xoomer parents would have told you

The genuine Vedic tradition is Aryan as can be, especially as expressed in the Rg Veda; contemporary Hinduism diverged and degenerated in many ways, particularly with Shakti / Shaivism which is equivalent to the Bacchic cults or Christianity in their more austere forms.
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