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Why Do Betas Like Their Females Meek & Weak? A Landsharkian Crossover

When Karl Marx was asked what quality he liked best in a woman, he responded “weakness” - a display of the perversion of his mind and thought. Only a weak man is himself attracted to weakness; strength is beautiful both in woman- and mankind.
This is important to understand - “man and woman” is not “strength versus weakness”, but two different synchronous forms of strength. Male strength does not compensate for womanly weakness, but the two positive forces combine together in a mighty physics-like resonance.

Echoing my previous thread about female eugenics. The legends of the Amazon women descend from tales of the Scythians, whose women often would fight and die just like the men, and were powerful hunters and exceptional at archery and horse riding (an originally female thing)

Archery seems very well fit for women when you think about it… as long as she has enough upper limb strength to shoot a bow, she is pretty safe, her natural physical inferiority is not an inhibition. Why do you think horse riding was a female thing though?

Both are arts that require an earthy element. For archery, the women has and advantage because of her natural earthy intuition. For horse husbandry, because horses were not domesticated for war, they were just prey animal like others. Women traditionally cared for animals

Women are like children being in tune with the earthly spirit also makes them more empathetic and adept with women, I genuinely don't believe that horses were ridden by men this is further entrenched in the eternal horse lady archetype so persistent in Saxon society

Women are like children being in tune with the earthly spirit also makes them more empathetic and adept with women

I meant to say 'with animals' but my mind was in too abstract of a space, what I mean to say is women are animals.

So many people tend to forget that we are birthed not from forests or jungle, but the Steppe. Women being sheltered in those places makes sense but no the steppe, women could take on a much more active present role and could act independently as tribe members

Thinking about it now tribal structure of steppe aryans was really interesting. Women were like today's beta males, and took on those jobs. Most men were either autistic chads and specialised in bronze age engineering or oral tradition and the other men were violent chads

A society free of beta males ah, paradise.

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