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On Natural Law, God, Faux-Trad Wignat Pseudo-Pagans & the Inverse White Guilt Complex

I enjoy all of the unique & diverse on my timeline thoroughly, and sometimes they say much more creative and inventive things than the wignats on my timeline who keep CONSTANTLY talking about the white race dying. One word my friends… have sex.

This is not to say I do not share sympathies with them, perhaps I am too 'whitepilled' or perhaps my embracing of Providence and the Cyclical Nature of time simply has 'whitepilled' me the 'wignat anxiety' I feel comes from a lack of a firm belief of God.

I see many faux woke pagan wignats who seem to think paganism is SOLEY ancestor worship, not worship of Nature & the powers that emanate from the Godhead, who blessed great denizens of Earth with their consciousness. This would create a lot of anxiety, no better than an atheist.

If you truly understand Dharma, that is to say 'Natural Law', and believe in God, why would you fear your race being violently wiped out and genocided? This is not just only explanation is internalised white guilt, and a simple rebellion of such an idea, not a complete rejection.

If whatever wignats consider white are being genocided, and they believe in universal law with a belief in God, then they must thing what's going on now is somehow deserved in the back of their head, no?

I cannot help but sympathise though it's such a pedestrian issue, the “white race” (see my genetics thread) will never die if

  • 1. Natural Law is Real
  • 2. God is Real
  • 3. Time is Euclidean
  • 4. Euclidean reincarnation is real enjoy your time in the Age of Death

Those that focus too much on the present non-ethereal world and instead of focusing on fighting the battle for themselves within are simply atheists going through a rebellious phase.

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