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On Whites, History's Biggest Midwits

the history of whites has been a history of sheer midwittery and to admit this as a white nationalist is how you gain a clear perspective and become an enlightened wignat

colonising africa? complete midwittery

decolonialisation bc of moral panic? sheer midwittery

the aryans enslaving the dayus for cheap labour instead of just fucking killing them or deporting them to indochina. stupid

trying to rebrand watered down atheistic and materialistic crypto-animism as Science when actual Aryan Animism had all of these answers And More 10k+ years ago. pretty midwitted…

being so honest and agreeable you let in hordes of foreigners who hate your religion (which itself is foreign and invasive) and the moral fibers of your societies and then end up nearly collapsing them and reminding you that multkulti doesnt work? midwit

giving up your ancient traditions because someone has a knife to your throat and tells you that if you convert he wont kill you and you'll go to heaven but if you don't hell kill you and youll go to hell. pretty midwit

We are truly a hardy people are we not?

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