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On Rhetoric, Whitepilling, and Spiritual Domestication

The point of employing rhetoric online especially when you have a fringe position is not to win them over but simply to get them to engage neutrally with your position, to get them to understand modern politics is formed to stop this from happening, its all anger.

It is through this process you can in some ways remoralise people, and undo the process of demoralisation.

With spirituality it becomes less domestication but under the current system not it is, now while I will say it was better under Christianity say 200-300 years ago, this is not to say that Abrahamic thought is not what has led to this downward trend in the first place.

It was entirely what led to it, but thankfully reclaiming spirituality does not require any fancy baptism, any listening to those who call themselves gurus, you don't need to get your foreskin chopped off, join a cult, or anything like that, its a process of maturity.

Its a process of finding god in everything around you in nature in your environment every thing living breathing consciousness all around you, once you have accepted that the world is not as the rational paradigm suggest that it is, that paranormal things do in fact happen.

Once you have accepted this, even if you don't know why, you don't know what the meaning of life is, you're lost in a pit between absurdism, existentialism, nihilism and no where to go, it may seem the darkest but it is at this point, that you have become spiritually awakened.

It is at this moment your curiosity reignites, your imagination, your creativity, your spirit, your messenger to your soul. you start to see your family differently “could they really be me in another life?” you start to look at everything on this earth differently.

This feeling comes and goes, but unlike the downward trend of your 'spirituality' before, this one sees an upward. you waxe and wane, as is natural, we all do, but you see yourself progress, your own oral tradition, your blood memory, intuition all slowly pieces things together.

A system forms within your mind. and by this point you don't even need to ask yourself if you understand 'god', or 'God' or whatever, you do, its fundamental, it was always there, you just didn't get it, you just didn't' see it, but that's okay.

There is something greater to live for, and at the heart of the European people there is a spirit that is slowly and collectively being awoken, do your part by looking inwards into your own mind, spirit, and you will find godlyness waiting for you.

At the core root of it European people want to live for something greater than themselves, unlike other races and people we do not have much psychological capacity to live in domestication without spirituality.

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