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On Wuhan Flu

I'm thinking a lot of us might have gotten this a lot earlier, my main point of belief in this rests on the murmurs I hear that an increase in Densiovan DNA makes this virus more deadly, and Neanderthals are more resistant, and those with neither have trouble getting it at all…

I am just wondering perhaps some Gweilo went to the Wuhan market to try the Forbidden Soup, he had the same weird coughing fit flu that everyone seemed to have around flu season, except it wasn't like the symptoms that people said the flu was actually like

But then that makes no sense, what about the DNA lab and all of that other stuff in Wuhan, well maybe the previous two posts are what the “true” story is, and maybe eventually that will satiate some people but I also have to wonder if its even deeper than that

There's enough predictive programming over this event that it begs some further questioning, I find it unreasonable to simply stop at the idea that it is a biovirus, that it is a random chance encounter, that its gweilo fault, or Chinese fault, it seems deeper

I'm not saying its just a worse flu, it clearly is pretty bad, whatever I got sick with in Dec/Jan was def something that might have killed me if I was old or had truly weak immune system…

Is China simply the first to notice that this was not just another flu and was in fact a different virus, is China right thinking that it was in fact the US, and had the US tested the virus back here at home during flu season to see reactions

Do we know how many Asians (The people of highest Denisovan DNA) died of the 'Flu' in the US or were hospitalised for pneumonia in the October-January period? Idk

I don't really know where I'm going with this but something about it all doesn't seem right, the mass amount of misinformation, the fact that Western governments seem to be talking the most yet have it the least under control, the stuff about Neanderthals being more resistant

It just reeks of some sort of parallel situation or scenario to Bluebeam, with the same end goals, though perhaps Bluebeam was too well known and the whole plot would've been too obvious, they had to improvise? I don't know, lots of things just do not add up

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