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The Link Between The Y-DNA Haplogroup & Ethnic Temperament

I have no proof of this but for males I am almost positive that temperment is carried through the Paternal Haplogroup and perhaps it mutates and diverges with great spiritual growth in one direction or the next

While this doesn't make you any different ethnicity it does define your temperament, go and look at your Y-DNA and ask if you think you act like the stereotypical ancient people from when yours split from its last divergent ancestor

J2a1-M67 is the most common subclade in the Caucasus (Vainakhs, Ingushs, Chechens, Georgians, Ossetians, Balkars) and in the Levant (Lebanese, Jews).

It is also common in western India, the Arabian Peninsula, Anatolia (esp. north-west), Greece (esp. Crete), Italy (esp. Marche and Abruzzo) and Iberia. M67 was probably a major Bronze Age lineage expanding from the Caucasus to Greece to the west and the Indus valley to the east.

This is mine, and I would say when I think about the temperament of these Bronze Age cultures and compare them to others of the period, I find myself more enamored and close.

Take the Finn, he commonly has the Paternal Haplogroup T which originates from Southern China Finns are genetically white by all respect but what about their temperament? What sets them apart from Englishmen? What makes their temperament similar to a Mongol and not a Welshman?


While all Europeans in Europe are white and pretty similar genetically there is quite a diversity of temperament as is the case in everywhere in the world

Take the Nigerian, do you think its any coincidence this culture has Nairaland and a weird shitposting bantz culture? Britian colonised a lot of places, why are Nigerian males so autistic? They are not white by any means, and their IQs are abysmal but the fact remains


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