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On The Natural Progression of Anonymous Internet Culture and Zoomer Supremacy

Complete anonymity doesn't work. The whole “judge the ideas, not the person” idea is nice and all, but the masses are literally incapable of it. In lieu of identity, normies just use your language patterns to determine whether what you're saying is true or not. - Anonymous

You make a good point but let me expand upon this, what you say is true but it is only true for the stage of the internet we find ourselves in. We could not have this sort of development had we not had the many, many years of anonymous posting on 4chan

This culture, the ideas bred from it, and the great minds who somehow all found themselves there fermented in these ideas, for a very very long time. Now they find themselves on a different internet, 4chan is home no longer, anonymous is just an excuse to say the N word, oh well

This is what always would've happened though, get rid of 4chan and another would fill the vacuum. Now it is the point where the 'steppe nomads' of the internet find themselves mingling with the neolithic social media, making names and places for themselves

They had their sojourn in the steppe for a decade or more, now the world is changing, home is filled with mongeloids, and the only place to go is the 'cities' per se

The difference here are the founders and the children of those founders, Gen X, Millenials, and Gen Z. Gen X founded the internet from the normiesphere, Millennials adopted it later in their life, but Gen Z was born into it, true Gen Z knows nothing else, no brain rot from TV

It are these denizens that have a massive upperhand in literally every single respect, the projection from older generations of the internet or phone being brain rot is pure projection, of the highest degree mind you.

Every single zoomer is objectively and visibily more intelligent than their parental counterparts, and it is likely from the mass socialisation of the internet, and its vast complex social networks. Every single kid has been dumped into vast networks of intrigue

They grew up on it too, its normal. Now the anons start to move to these new cities, only ever knowing the wilderness of anonymity, what will their presence lead to?

Who is to say?

2020s will shape up to be very, very interesting though. Thanks to us damn zoomers

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